Wellness Policy

The school wellness policy was reviewed in January of 2018 using a National School Lunch Program assessment tool. Please review the summary and note agreement and disagreement with these statements. Also, please consider your recommendations for approaches to creating a school environment that promotes healthy food and physical activity. 

Policy: Healthy foods will be available for purchase at school.

a) There is consensus that healthy food is available at meal times but that snack foods are not available.

b) Food is not currently used to reward students for positive behavior or work nor is unhealthy food marketed and sold at events outside of the school day, such as sporting events.

Policy:  Student opportunities for physical activity are available on a daily basis.

a)      There was consensus that opportunities for physical play was available to students daily.

b)      Although physical activity is not tolerated as a form or punishment, the school wellness policy did not explicitly state this. A clause to that effect is be added to the policy manual for the upcoming school year.

c)      Students are encouraged to engage in physical play rather than watch television or engage in other non-physical activity during recess and aftercare programs. A clause explicitly stating this will also be added to the policy manual.


Wellness Survey for Parents: take survey here.